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Whats in an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cig or e-cigarette, is a device which heats liquid containing nicotine to produce vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user and acts as a nicotine-delivery system. E-cig enthusiasts enjoy the act of smoking without the smoke, ash, combustion or odor of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Famed for receiving the best electronic cigarette reviews in the industry, Brilliant Smoke provides their dedicated clientele with a product which has stellar performance the best throat-hit of any brand on the market. read more

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- I purchased a Brilliant Smoke on 2/8/13. I have been a smoker on off since high school. I am 54, married to a non-smoker and have always had an affinity for smoking. Since 2/8/13 I have not bought cigarettes and have not wanted to. I like smoking. I like the process. Now I can have the best of both worlds! Thank you for this product!-Debra Rice read more

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